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Principles & values

by which our work is governed:

Social services

Social services are considered fundamental for social welfare. For that reason, they are sometimes referred to as the fourth pillar of welfare systems in a society.

Educational research-concept

In general, it can be said that educational research is the application of concepts such as scientific knowledge, science, scientific method and scientific research applied to all of them in the field of education.

Culture and Recreation

Culture expresses the way of seeing, believing and thinking of a people, as the concept of recreation includes the game in all its expressions and activities such as music and theater. It is considered that every recreational action contributes to the enrichment of life.

Development and Housing

Federal Housing Construction Program-Worthy Roof; aimed at encouraging employment and contributing to the progress of social sectors with fewer resources.

Health Support

All organizations, institutions and public and private resources with the mandate to improve (promote, restore or maintain) health in the political and institutional framework of each country; it includes personal and population services as well as actions to influence other sectors, but not the actions of those actors as such.

Protección Ambiental

Ley 25.675 denominada “Ley General del Ambiente” que establece los presupuestos
mínimos para el logro de una gestión sustentable y adecuada del ambiente, la
preservación y protección de la diversidad biológica y la implementación del desarrollo

We invite

to join our team, because only through the union of shared efforts, talents, gifts, experiences, abilities and others .. we will be able to reach and complete the different challenges and projects in pursuit of those most in need, so that also they can have access to the right to equal opportunities.

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